Letter from Emily

Dear Friends,

As I write this, we’ve just discontinued our collection of pandemic cards, and I’ve never been so happy to discontinue a product in my life!

As with so many of our businesses, Covid forced some changes that we’d been discussing internally for some time, including letting go of our printed catalogs in favor of a digital-only model, and cutting back on our trade show presence (we’re still in Vegas and Atlanta, in the Best of Show showroom).

These shifts, plus a move to selling on Faire that we put in place in 2019, mean we’re now able to do smaller, more frequent releases throughout the year instead of two giant releases in January and July. Our hope is that every time you come back to reorder, there’ll be something new for you to see!

Our more release includes six cards from our newest friend, Carvel Wallace, a Peabody-winning author, and podcaster. We’ve also got a new postcard book, which has turned into a bestselling format for us, and we’re finally, FINALLY getting ready to release our first guided journals, after a year’s worth of delays. This fall, we’ll be introducing more cards by Elizabeth Gilbert, including a boxed set of her bestsellers from 2020, more mixed boxed cards sets, and new single cards. We’re also very excited to be launching a card collection by the celebrated author and healing facilitator Alex Elle.

As if that wasn’t enough, we’re also introducing some new work that’s near and dear to me: cards for the menopause transition! 1 in 4 Americans is a women over 40, women are the vast majority of greeting card purchasers, and it’s time we started talking more publicly about, and supporting each other through, this life-changing time.

We’re also introducing two "Read Me When" boxes of customizable letters. A hit format for our sister brand Knock Knock that we’ve put our own spin on. Suffice it to say: we have a LOT of new stuff coming between now and the end of the year.

My Best,


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